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Tony Joe White is a Southern boy through and through. His roots lie in the swamplands of Oak Grove, Louisiana, where he was born on the 23 July 1943. Situated just west of the Mississippi River, it's a land of cottonfields, where polk salad grows wild and alligators lurk in moss-covered swamps. "I spent the first 18 years of my live down there," says Tony Joe. "My folks raised cotton and corn. There were lotsa times when there weren't too much to eat, and I ain't ashamed to admit that we've often whipped up a mess of polk salad. Tastes alright too.. a bit like spinach."

Tony Joe's music vividly reflects this earthy rural background. As a child he listened not only to local bluesmen and countrysingers but also to the Cajun-music of Louisiana, that rare hybrid of traditional musical styles introduced by French setlers at the turn of the century.

His first record
"Georgia Pines /
Ten More Miles To Louisiana"
was recorded in 1966.
In Tony Joe's songs you will find all the pathos, truth, humour and warmth of live in America's deep South. He sings each with a stylish understated voice wich is really a Southern drawl given a syncopation, a bit of swagger and a bottle of Bourbon.

Tony Joe describes swamp-music as:"Down to earth, a sort of earthy soul music".

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