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Coverstories Writer Year
The Best Of Robert K. Oermann 1993
Live in Europe 1971 John Tobler 1993
...Continued Richie Yorke 1968
Black and White Allen Orange 1968

Sheet Music Country Year
Tony Joe White Song Book USA 1970
Swamp Music His Way USA '70s
Polk Salad Annie Australia '70s
Rainy Night In Georgia USA '70s
High Sheriff of Calhoun Parish USA '70s
High Sheriff of Calhoun Parish Australia '70s
Save Your Sugar For Me UK '70s
Groupy Girl USA '70s
Groupy Girl UK '70s
The Daddy USA '80s
I've Got A Thing About You Baby USA '80s
Steamy Windows USA '90s

Magazine Articles Writer Year
Three answers given by Tony Joe White TL (de Morgen) 2007
Play Rock review Uncovered Rob Munsters 2007
Is there life after Lennaert Nijgh? Jacques Hendriks (BN de Stem) 2007
Lazy chap TJ White Frits Lagerwerff (VPRO gids) 2006
Tony Joe White sadly slip-slides away in the blues Peter van der Heide (Nieuwsblad v/h Noorden) 2006
Review Uncovered De Morgen 2006
Popmusic: Tony Joe White PvdH (De Stentor) 2006
Uncut: Uncovered Nigel Williamson (Choice) 2006
New release: Uncovered Katie Hasty (Billboard) 2006
Return of The Swamp Fox Michael Buffalo Smith 2005
Bilston (UK) review Bill Woolham 2005
Swamprock from one's own shed Nathan Vos 2004
The Heroines review Douglas McPherson 2004
The Heroines review Andrew Davies 2004
Tony Joe White explained for pale faces CV? 2004
The heroes and heroines of Tony Joe White Harry de Jong 2004
Tony Joe White Gets A Lift From 'Heroines' Jonathan Cohen 2004
A perfect life Christie Eliezer 2004
Tony Joe White records with his heroes and heroines Paul Cashmere 2004
Backstage at the Moonlight Festival Sue Carter 2003
Moonlight Music & Wine Festival Ray Purvis 2003
Tony Joe White's riffs make the swampy blues SWAMPY Gijsbert Kamer 2003
Nice Lazy Songs Mart Smeets 2003
A Q&A with Tony Joe White Eileen Schwartz 2002
Caught in the Act Wayne Smart 2002
Tony Joe White German Tourbook Modern Welt 2002
Louisiana Swamp Monster Matt Reekie 2002
Take Root Festival Maaike Borst 2002
Tribute to Luke Walter JR DJW 2002
The 10 records which changed his life Kurt Vandemaele 2002
Harelbeke (Belgium) R&B festival Live Music Info 2002
The Beginning review KOCH International 2001
Dangerous Eyes review SL 2001
Polk Salad Man Douglas McPherson 2001
The Swampman returns to his Roots Franky Bruneel 2001
The Swamp Fox Returns Brian Wise 2001
It's a swamp rock thing Alexander Stimmel 2001
The 2001 East Coast Festival Magazine Redaction 2001

The Real Thang Maurice Estourgie 2000
Mediators Frédéric Lecomte 1999
One Hot July Greg Phillips 1999
One Hot July, review Jane Rocca, Paul Isbel 1999
One Hot July John Bush 1999
One Hot July Polygram Australia 1999
Byron Bay, The Delta Singer Peter Noble 1999
Byron Bay Festival 1999 Rhythms magazine 1999
A guitar doesn't lie Dominique Martin de la Cruz & Cyril Dohar 1996
The Fox Frédéric Lecomte 1995
Portrait of Tony Joe White Pierre Jahiel 1993
Swamp Rock writer unknown 1993
The composed man writer unknown 1993
Letter about The Path Of A Decent Groove Tony Joe 1993
The Path Of A Decent Groove Rebecca Fitzgerald 1993
Parkpop Roy Bouman 1992
The South, The Autentic Jean-François Vaissiere 1992
Searching for Tony Joe J.J. Kotarski 1992
It is all America Catherine Chantoiseau 1991
Could I please be entitled to my own song? Jip Golsteijn 1991
The man who rolls home. Pieter Franssen 1991
Closer To The Truth David Hepworth 1991
Closer To The Truth Terence Reilly 1991

Country Music, Common Honestly Rose Clayton & Bob Tucker 1980

Eyes Charles Shaar Murray 1977
Eyes Chris Welch 1977
Eyes Cliff White 1977
Auf tiefstem Sumpf und besser als Elvis. Dr. Gonzo 1977
My way of playing resembles the way blacks used to play... Pieter Franssen 1977
Eyes, Forest fern on a saucer. Pieter Franssen 1977
Eyes Chas de Whalley 1976
Best of (Warner Bros.) Chas de Whalley 1976
My daddy showed me three chords,
and I knew what I wanted to do
Danny Silver 1974
Alligators, mosquitos and Tony Joe White Sue James 1973
White heat Melody Maker 1973
Tony Joe: exception in his own right Andrew Furnival 1973
Crystal Palace Bowl programbook Michael Alfandary 1973
Tony Joe White (4th record) writer unknown 1972
London: Albert Hall concerts 1972 Chris Charlesworth 1972
Tony Joe's swamp songs writer unknown 1972
Tony Joe White sings an Appaloosa tune Don Walker 1972
Tony Joe White - the Memphis misfit! Caroline Boucher 1971
Tony Joe White a funky musician OOR 13 1971
Tony Joe White: Warner Brothers WS 1900 OOR 2 1971
Tony Joe White... Swamp Soul Man Blues & Soul 35 1970

Music Millionaires (Polk Salad Annie) Lon Goddard 1969
The real White blues writer unknown 1968
A Global Image Bobby Weiss 1968
Tony Joe White Fanzine

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Number 04:
January, 1996

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September, 1994

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September, 1993

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