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2004-12-29New bootleg Boudewijn de Groot (see: Witte CD's).
2004-12-28New single Tony Joe from Argentina.
2004-12-18New Articles (1993 and 2004), EP and CD of Tony Joe.
2004-11-28New CD-single Boudewijn, reissiue single Tony Joe.
2004-10-09New Guestbook-connection and updated some links on the startpage.
2004-09-20Tony Joe White Amsterdam review.
2004-09-17Tony Joe White new article (recent 2004).
2004-09-12Tony Joe White new article (recent 2004) and maxisingle.
2004-09-05Tony Joe and Boudewijn: new photo's on picture page, TJW 2 new articles 1976/1977.
2004-08-20Promo copy CD The Heroines.
2004-08-17New (2nd) European tourlist 2004 Tony Joe White (see Conerts).
2004-08-04Tony Joe White 8 Track Album Homemade Icecream.
2004-07-24Tony Joe White Article about his coming album.
2004-06-26Tony Joe White Sampler-CD Warner Archives, Japan release.
2004-06-13Boudewijn de Groot new MC's on Albumpage.
2004-05-24Boudewijn de Groot single Session.
2004-05-14Boudewijn de Groot new sampler.
2004-05-08Boudewijn de Groot new CD-single.
2004-04-12Tony Joe White: several new articles.
2004-04-10Tony Joe White: articles; Boudewijn de Groot: CD Albums.
2004-03-28Tony Joe White: new European tourdates (2004) and articles.
2004-02-20Boudewijn de Groot new CD.
2004-02-11Boudewijn de Groot new CD-single.
2004-01-11Tony Joe White new singles, special issues and articles.
2004-01-04Tony Joe White and Boudewijn de Groot, several new items
2003-08-27Tony Joe White, 2 new articles
2003-08-08Tony Joe White, several new items
2003-07-08Tony Joe White, Paradiso Concert Review
2003-06-15Tony Joe White, new CD album and vinyl single
2003-05-24Tony Joe White and Boudewijn de Groot, several new items (singles, Cassettes, CD-singles)
2003-04-05Tony Joe White, 2 new vinylsingles
2003-03-16Tony Joe White, 2 promo's and concertslink
2003-01-03Tony Joe White, new articles 1977 and 1991
2002-11-23Tony Joe White, TexasMonthly article
2002-11-09Tony Joe White, article of the tour
2002-10-22Tony Joe White, Take Root review and special CD
2002-10-07Tony Joe White, release new CD-Album, available during European tour
2002-09-22Tony Joe White, new tourdates / Boudewijn de Groot, nieuwe tourlink naar boudewijndegroot.nl.
2002-08-28Tony Joe White, new tourdates and some new articles.
2002-08-18Tony Joe White, European concerts and Harelbeke review.
2002-08-16Tony Joe White, new single item, new K7 item.
2002-08-11Tony Joe White, new single item, new CD items.
2002-05-26Tony Joe White, Concertdate, see Europeen Concert.
2002-05-26Tony Joe White, new single items.
2002-04-21Boudewijn de Groot, single enCD's toegevoegd. Tony Joe White, 2 cassettes in collecton.
2002-03-10Boudewijn de Groot, singles, Lp's en CD's toegevoegd.
2002-02-23Boudewijn de Groot, tekst & muziek boeken toegevoegd bij: 1e en 2e LP, CD's Een nieuwe herfst en
Wonderkind aan het strand(4CD).
2002-02-15Boudewijn de Groot, DVD toegevoegd.
2002-01-27Boudewijn de Groot, "Eenzame fietser" heruitgave Brilliant.
2002-01-14Tony Joe White, new articles: Australian East Coast Festival.
2001-12-02Tony Joe White, new sigle and cd-single item.
2001-11-23leocort.nl Domainame is on active service.
2001-11-07New Citroën's.
2001-10-20Now available boudewijndegroot.nl.
2001-10-07New Items in collections Tony Joe and Boudewijn.
2001-07-21Boudewijn de Groot, Tourprogram 2002 "Andere Tijden".
2001-05-27New Items in collections Tony Joe and Boudewijn.
2001-02-15New CD in collection Tony Joe, Book And CD in Lennearts Nijgh's Page on Boudewijn de Grootpages.
2001-02-11Some (promo) items in collection Tony Joe.
2001-01-20Start All New Design Pages.
2000-11-12Several new items in collection Tony Joe.
2000-09-24Very special new items in collection of Boudewijn (single and LP page) and Tony Joe (single page).
2000-05-27There he is... the offical Site of Tony Joe White at: http://tonyjoewhite.net.
2000-05-23New items in collection of Boudewijn and Tony Joe.
2000-03-12Hommage aan Lennaert Nijgh, Boudewijn de Groot pagina 11.
2000-03-12Boudewijn ontvangt de Radio 2 zendtijd prijs!
2000-03-01Made the "Want's (Gezocht) pages
2000-02-26Changed email-address: leocort@chello.nl
2000-02-06Special Issues-page added on menu and firstpage of Tony Joe White.
2000-01-31Tsjechovpage added on menu and firstpage of Boudewijn de Groot.